Atlantic Crossing Day 7

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Monday, May 29, 2006
Atlantic Crossing Day 7

I Feel like today was almost the same as yesterday. The days bleed together so much that I suppose it really doesn’t matter. This morning was usual, breakfast and then a lecture. To day turned out to be a long day in the theatre as we had a problem with the scrollers and I spent all day between events trying to fix them,

We had two rehearsals today, the first was Celeste Francis for her afternoon concert. That went well, and was followed directly by rehearsal for the evening’s variety show. The variety show included performances from Jim Coston, Will Allenby, Paul Romhany, and Joey Van. They are a fun group, but they are all getting off tomorrow in Funchal.

I spent the time between rehearsal and the afternoon lecture trying to fix the scroller problem. The lecture went fine, Prof. Luis Rene is so happy that I can put together the quick Power point presentations for him. After the lecture I ran up and grabbed some lunch and brought it back to the theatre because we had Celeste’s concert.

I finally had some time off during Bingo. I had got the scrollers working to the best I can, and I have to order some replacement parts. Also HAL is going to try and find some spare scrollers and transfer them to me from another ship. It will be a good thing to have spares.

The game show today was “What’s My Line?” It was kind of fun. I had to whip up a quick powerpoint for that just before the game started. People seem to really like the game shows.

The show went well and then I went home and read the script for the production show tomorrow. I did my laundry at the same time. Then it was off to bed. We have a general drill tomorrow morning, so I have to be up for that.






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