Lisbon, Portugal

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Monday, June 5, 2006
Lisbon, Portugal

Today was a beautiful day. I slept in a little and ran up to get some breakfast before getting off the ship at about noon. I got off with a bunch of people and we hopped in a taxi from the port to the center of town. From there we walked all over town. We stopped for lunch at a little street café, of which there were many to choose from. They all seemed to have similar menus so it didn’t really matter.

After lunch we went to the tower of Lisbon. I don’t know if it has an official name, thought I would imagine that it does. Anyway, you take an elevator up to the top of the tower and there are three levels at the top with views over the city. On the top level there is also a café, with even more expensive espresso than Starbucks. So I took a buck of overlook photos of the city and then we headed back to the street. At this point Steve and I got separated from the group of us because we were told the elevator was full and we would have to wait for the next. To us it looked like there were fewer people in the car going down than there were when we came up, but such is life. Of course we ended up waiting almost 15 minutes for the next elevator. So everyone else went off without us.

Once we got down, Steve and I walked around without everyone else since we had no way to get in touch with them. I did however have a chance to talk to Becca before she went in for a job interview. We saw a lot of interesting architecture around town, combinations of classical styles and modern buildings. One of the other interesting things was that all over town were cow statues. All of the cows were decorated differently, from the Laughing Cow Cheese cow to a paper maché cow. I took pictures of all the cows that we went by.

We took the streetcar back to the ship and were back around 3:30. I took a quick shower because it had been really hot out. Then I went up to the theatre and met the performer for tonight, Paul Dabeck, a magician. I suppose the most interesting thing about Paul is that he is only 19. He won a national prize in Britain for his magic. We had a rehearsal for about an hour and a half as Paul had a bunch of music cues and we needed to build a couple light cues for him. Once we got through the tech of the show, it was fairly easy to run.

After rehearsal we went up for dinner. They actually had decent steak tonight. After dinner I went back down to the lounge as the bad was playing a dance set before the show instead of having a gameshow. Then we had a show, another dance set and the second show. The performances went well especially considering the fact that Paul had just got on the ship this morning.

After showtime it was laundry time. I was very surprised at the number of people who were doing their laundry after midnight, especially on a night when we loose an hour. So while I waited for the laundry I went down to the OB just to hang out. Not to many people tonight as tomorrow we are at sea so everyone has things to do in the morning to keep the passengers busy. Paul, buddy, Steve and Benoit were there, and the nice thing was we kept the music low and could just chat. After the laundry was done it was bedtime.






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