At Sea – Crossing the Arctic Circle

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Friday, June 16, 2006
At Sea – Crossing the Arctic Circle

Today was certainly not too bad of a sea day. It wasn’t a nice day out really so I didn’t mind having to be inside most of the day. We had a port lecture early in the morning, followed by another lecture on diamonds. This one was on diamonds from Russia, and was basically a plug saying come buy diamonds in the shop on the ship. Not quite as informative as the last lecture on diamonds.

After the lectures we had rehearsal for the variety show. Daren Williams, Tommy Bond and Richard Gauntlet all came back for the show. Rehearsal went really well. I did find and fix some dead spots in the lounge for sound, that is a good thing. After rehearsals I got a quick lunch. During lunch we crossed the Arctic Circle. They had a party for the passengers on the Lido Deck, “Swim across the Arctic Circle (in the pool).” It was kind of funny.

After lunch I had one more lecture with Michael Mendelsohn, a repeat of his first lecture for the people who missed it. I didn’t pay any more attention this time than last time. Such is life. After the lecture I had some time to relax and later get some dinner, and then back for the two shows. The audience loved the shows, so that made everyone happy.

After the shows we set up for the band show, and then I worked on lights for the band show until about 0200. It is pretty wild, when I left it was still bright as day, as we are now in the land of the midnight sun.






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