Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Monday, June 26, 2006
Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark

Today I could have slept in, but I had plans to go out with some of the cruise staff around 1030. After we got off the ship we saw a bike rental place where we each picked up a bike to ride around the town. The weather today was not great, it was drizzling a little when we got off the ship, and the sky was overcast all day. As we rode into town it started to rain a little harder so we parked the bikes and found a little café to sit in until the rain passed.

The city was very picturesque, and riding around the narrow cobblestone streets was very interesting. The houses are all painted a variety of bright colors, some new, some old. We biked up one of the roads along the water, and looped through town, and we stopped at a small place to get lunch. After lunch and a little more biking I headed back to the ship as we had a lecture at 1500 with Barbara on the port of Tallinn, Estonia.

After the lecture I had a short chat with Peter. He was telling me about his voyage reports, and what he wrote about me. He basically said that he was happy with me, and that I still have some things to learn wish is very true. Then we had a short rehearsal with tonight’s performer, Marc Paul. Marc is a mind reader. We only did a sound check, so I am looking forward to the show because people say he is good.

After dinner we had the Match Game gameshow. We finally have the theme music for it too, which is nice. After the gameshow was showtime, as usual. Marc’s show was very impressive, he got everything he tried right. I don’t’ know how he does it, but it is certainly fun to watch.

After the shows I worked for about an hour and a half with Celina teaching her about the lighting system. We have some ways to go, but we made a pretty good start. After that I was off to bed, tomorrow is a pretty long day.






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