Gdansk, Poland – Day 1

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Gdansk, Poland – Day 1

Today was a half sea day, half port day as we didn’t arrive in Gdansk until about 1600. So this morning started like a sea day with a port lecture by Barbara at 0930. After the lecture we had a captain’s chat. Every time we do a captain’s chat I learn something new about him as people ask different questions and he tells different stories. After the chat, the captain called a game of bingo, and I took some time to send some emails.

It occurred to me that my friend Annalena is from Germany and we are going to be there in two days, so I sent her a message. I don’t think we have communicated in the past three or four years, but I got a response back almost immediately. It turns out that she is in Australia now so we won’t be able to catch up.

We had rehearsal for tonight’s performer, Jason Chase, at 1230. He is a comedian and comic vocalist. His show should be fun. I even get a few lines in it. I get to play god on my god mic. After rehearsal I ran up for a quick lunch before coming back for the afternoon lecture.

The rest of the after noon was pretty normal, lectures, bingo and then dinner and the show. During the second show the band was late showing up, except for Mike and Johnny, who were sitting on stage waiting for the rest of the band. It was kind of funny, but bad at the same time.

After the show I went out on the town with the cast and the band and some of the cruise staff. It was fun to wander the old city at night. It was very pretty. We stopped at one of the cafes for a beer and some pirogies. About half of us made our way back to the ship shortly thereafter, and the rest came back later. I was in that first group, and when I got beck, I went right to bed.






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