Warnemünnde, Germany

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Thursday, July 6, 2006
Warnemünnde, Germany

Today was very different from most days as we had no show. Instead of a show we had Bierfest on the Lido Deck. So that is a great thing because no show means no rehearsal. So effectively I had a day off. In the morning I did help Peter move some boxes that were being offloaded and transferred to the Amsterdam. I tripped an twisted my ankle doing that, and it hurt, but it wasn’t bad.

After moving the boxes I changed out of my uniform and got off the ship to walk around the town. Warnemünde is a beach town, very similar to Nantasket or Ogonquit. It has walking areas along the canal to the beach with shops and restaurants. There are café’s and fish markets and people walk around in bathing suits and ride bikes. The beach was packed, as far as you could see, it made sense as it was very hot. I ran into Jen and Ed at a little café and had lunch with them, and then continued on my walk out to the beach.

I walked out to one of the lighthouses, took some pictures and then wound my way back through town to the ship, stopping for some soft-serve ice cream on the way. I took some time off before dinner and Bierfest. I read a little bit and talked to Becca on the phone.

Bierfest included dinner. They brought on the local beer, Rostocker, and they also had a German Oompah Band that played on the Lido.

After dinner I sent some emails and talked to my family for a bit on the phone before heading down to my cabin for the night.






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