A Day Off!

Finally, after quite a long week at the theatre I got to have a day off today.  I got to sleep in!  Today I just got to relax and it was pretty amazing.  Sure, tomorrow I have to go back to the wind and grind for what will be a very long week, but that makes having a great day off all the better.

The irony of my day off is that I still managed to go to the theatre.  I didn’t go to my theatre, but I went to a show by the University Theatre Department.  The show, Thaed, was really great.  It was a very interesting and moving exploration of a troubled mind.  The cast did a great job with the material and the book was pretty good.  It was written by one of the students and directed by a student as well.  I think that the book needs a little bit of work to tighten up the themes and flesh out some of the characters, but overall, I thought it was very good.

Of course, today was also a beautiful day.  I was really surprised at how warm it was outside.  It is kinda of fun to be able to have some time to have even a little time to enjoy that.  After having dinner with Ruth before her show I came home and was pretty darn happy.  Just in a good mood.  The neighbor (who I have mentioned before) was plucking away on the guitar which inspired me.  I pulled out my guitar and started playing as well.  I think that the fact that I can actually play annoyed him.  I sorta hate to say it, but that was kinda what I was aiming for.  It was fun too.  I should play more in general.

So, time off, huzzah!  Spring is here, awesome.  That’s about all I’ve got for today.






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