A night at the Balsams

So, i just got back from a wonderful evening at the Balsams Resort up in Dixville Notch. 41 members of the company caravaned up from Whitefield to be there and ejoy a huge and fancy dinner as well as the beautiful scenery and some quality time off. It was a beautiful drive up there, we took the scenic route which adds some time to the drive, but it was very pretty. Hopefully out of all the pictures that I took there are at least a couple decent ones of me and bex, I don’t have any good photos of me or her from the near past.

Well we still have a fairly relaxed half week coming up. We open Aida on Thursday, but until then it is all shows we have done before. I am looking forward to Aida, i think it will be a lot of fun.

Ok, tired, all for now.






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