After a week

So, today was the first day of my second week at school. It already feels like I have been here forever, but such is the way of life. Last week was such a long week. I can’t even begin to describe it, though it’s not like i won’t try. It was a big game of catchup, but I think for the most part I am all caught up. It just took a lot of late nights. Plus we had Freshman Party wich entailed a couple late nights and an early morning rehearsal the day of the party. And of course i started work in the sound shop again, which is like a huge job now because we moved the sound shop up to between the spot booths behind the old dimmer room and now i have to make it all work again. If only i could find my table vise, i would be able to really attack the NFG bin and then i would feel like i was accomplishing something. I have all year, it give me something to do. Don Tindall is a great guy, and I think it will b really fun to work with him.

Then of course there is my show, Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel. I am the sound designer, if i have not mentioned that ever before. It is turning out to be very interesting to research the music and radio of the period. I will be doing this as my Advanced project in sound design instead of taking Tech Sem, so I will have to write a research paper to go along with my design. It shouldn’t be too bad, should be rather fun and interesting. I am glad I got this show.

My theatre department lil sister is very cool, lots of fun to hand out with. I dont’ know really if I should write this, but how can i just omit things. Well, i will put it like this, she has a crush on my room mate. So for the people who know, you understand. He isn’t interested in that way, in fact he is kind of getting invloved with someone else. Such is life. I offer whatever support i can. I think she is happy with me for an older sib, so I must be doing a good job. I am glad that i can offer my advice and experience, and that she seeks it.

Somehow or other at some point there has to be a discussion about writing. Like I am kinda having with Jesi now. Started because she was working on a poem, just for the sake of it. But that is why we write, for the sake of writing. People like me who spend so much time helping others that we just need an outlet. I love writing, even if I just take two minutes to write three sentences about what i did that day. I just find it interesting how I feel that i don’t have ehough time to write as much as i would like to, but then when i do have time I feel like i have nothing to say. So maybe it is that i don’t have the right time to write, but there isn’t always much one can do about that. Then I start to think about why I write, to let off steam or emotions, to not feel completely overwhelmed by life. Because when you really think about it, almost everything else is just trivial junk to deal with each day, routine.

I really burned myself out last week. I have a head cold now. If i were smart, i would take thenyquil and get to bed already.






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