Another New Blog for the New Year

Well, it seemed like I should ring in the new year on palindrome day (01022010) by starting up a new blog.  I don’t really know what that seemed like the thing to do, but it did.  Maybe it was just an excuse to finally buy my new domain,  I would really love to have, but it is taken already, and I have been using icewolf08 as a handle since the intertubes were new.  I suppose the other thing is that it gives me something to do (though I don’t really need it) during tech for the show.

Speaking of tech, we seem to be moving right along for this one.  Working with Phil is always a blast, but I have to work quick because he likes to make all his changes at the last second.  We also have hit the end of our pre-written cues so we are moving a little bit slower now.  We teched through the entire first act in five hours and I think we should finish the show before the end of the night tonight, our first 10/12 tech.

I celebrated my new years eve at home watching movies that I haven’t seen yet.  Not a killer party or anything fancy.  Ruth was in Disney Land with her family, and my uncle and cousins headed back to LA to be with Auntie Joyce who was not feeling well.  It was not bad, I am not much for big parties, it may have just been nice to be with other people.

I got to be with people on new years day though.  I hit the slopes at SnowBird with Phil and Brent.  In four years, this is the first time that Phil has been designing a show during the winter so that we could ski.  The snow was really great, there was a nice light dusting on top of the groomed runs and we managed to find some powder in Mineral Basin which was a blast.  We made Gary English a little jealous that we went skiing before he got to town.

That brings me back up to tech.  We did have dry tech on new years day.  Good thing is that I get some holiday pay for it, it is just a bummer to be in tech.  I think this will be an interesting show, and I am really digging the music for it (more on that later)!






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