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I have noticed over the past weeks that more and more people are joining, a social networking site based on asking people questions.  As with many things, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away because I wondered what the point was.  Who is really going to ask me questions?  Who really cares enough to ask me anything?  I suppose that is kind of the point though, who knows what questions you might get or who might ask them.

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and created a formspring account for myself.  If nothing else it will help me to continue to keep my handle “icewolf08” on as many networks as I can.  Sure, there are a zillion sites that I could sign up for to protect my handle, but I usually only sign up for the ones that might be interesting to me.  I suppose the other thing is that I kinda hope that maybe people would actually ask me questions.  In fact I think that it would be really fun if I get any good questions to use them as the impetus for new blog posts.

An interesting question is: Why are we so fascinated by what other people think about us and what they want to ask us?  Often times these people that we want to ask us questions or leave comments on our blogs are people we don’t even know except through the comments they leave or the posts that they write on their own blogs.  What is it that excites us about getting some kind of response or feedback from these people we don’t really know?

We have this need to feel important, to feel recognized.  Or at least I think that is what it is.  I think that is what drives us to share so much about ourselves in such a public way.  It is fun to find people who have some kind of interest in what we are doing or what we have to say.  So, ask me anything!  Let’s see what happens!

You will always be able to ask me a question from the page under contact me in my menu or right from my formspring page!






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