Back in the Saddle Again

Many people look forward to the time that they take off from work.  Some may not really care one way or the other.  For me however, it is fun to be back in the swing of things at work.  Now I suppose most people who visit here know that I work in theatre, but now anyone who just showed up knows as well.  It is certainly an interesting and crazy world to work in.  now as we push on into fall and winter (fall doesn’t last too long in Utah) we get less daylight, so pretty soon, I won’t really see much of it.  Well, I say that, but in reality, it probably isn’t true once we get into ski season.  It is always fun to get up when it is still fairly dark out and not go home again until it is dark.  We did get new curtains for the bedroom windows that let a lot more light in so that it is less like a cave in the mornings and it will be easier to wake up.

So, tonight is the first tech rehearsal for the first show of the season, and it really is fun to be back in the groove.  We have been off to a flying start with Hamlet since I got back to town, but everything has been going very smoothly and we have been very efficient.  This is a great thing considering that I have a bunch of new people working for me and this is the first show.  We also have one of my favorite lighting designers lighting this show, PM.  He calls himself “the other Jew in Salt Lake City” (it is our little joke, me being Jewish and all), and while he isn’t always the easiest to keep up with, he is always fun to have in town.

Last season, I had a hard time keeping up with PM on his show, which should have been one of the easiest shows of the season.  I think it had a lot lot to do with the fact that I had been sick for most of the tech process.  It happens.  This time it seems like we really have kicked things off on the right foot, and that is good because PM will be back for White Christmas in a couple months.

The crazy think now is that we will probably be running at what feels like full tilt until we get to the end of the season.  Like camp, the days will feel long, but the weeks will go by really fast.  The season will be over in the blink of an eye.  I can’t actually believe that I have been out here for five years!  It has gone by really fast (kinda scary), but it has been really great as well.  I am doing what I love in a place that I am quite happy to be, so life is good!






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