Change in the air

BTW: are there enough choices for mood icons, i feel like i almost always use the same small group….

Anyway, the other day I was folding my laundry and it struck me that I have been dressing the same, wearing the same clothes for about 8 years now. Now I don’t mean literally the same clothes, but the same style. I think I have been wearing jeans, cargo pants/shorts, and t-shirts for ever. T-shirts that I have acquired over the years, free from here and there mostly, or just plain solid colors. I feel like it is time for a change, but i have no idea what to. So maybe i feel like my life doesn’t match my clothes anymore or maybe that is the other way around, that the clothes don’t mach the life. Maybe something just needs to change and this is a way to step into it, i don’t know.

I just think back to the last time i was buying clothes, and i was so resistant to anything that wasn’t the super simple, run-of-the-mill what i always wear. I mean i wouldn’t even get the funk shirt that my mother and brother thought that i should get. Maybe i should listen to them, or whoever elsed is there to give me that little push, and not fight it so much.

I suppose at the same time i could just be sitting here and over analyzing things, but when i was sitting there folding laundry, everything just felt so tired, and maybe something new, something different wouldn’t feel tired, would feel more lively. I don’t want to sound like I am obsessing or anything, but it has kinda been nagging in the back of my mind the past few days. It seems odd because it is something that I just have never thought about. But, maybe getting up and putting on something different, not the same old khaki cargos and t-shirt would make me feel liss tired and set in stone and whatnot. I don’t know if there is anyone out there who happens upon my journal, but if you do, tell me what you think.

there are things that I miss too, like playing neverwinter. I got everything out of my boxes for it last night, and maybe the next time i have a chunk of free time i will pick it up again. It’s too bad that Derek hasn’t got the fast connection to the interweb yet, then we night get some games going. But i can play alone too, the sotry is fun. It is certainly a great escape. Break out as the Elfin Ranger/Rogue beating up the bad guys and breaking into every little place that might have some booty, fun times. It would be nice to have someone to play with though. Eh, such is the way of things.

What else? I have to remember to pick up my photos from the shop tomorrow. Hope those came out nice. And i have to friggin remember to take the clothes i have to be dry cleaned down to the cleaners.

That is about life for now.






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