Citius, Altius, Fortius.

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver Opening Ceremonies

I am writing this while watching the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, however I won’t post it until the morning.  It will probably take that long to really put my amazement into words.  I love watching the Winter Olympics no matter what, but this year the opening ceremonies are amazing.  This production is amazingly beautiful and it is technically spectacular.

What really takes the cake here are the projections.  Turning the entire stadium into a projection surface was just beautiful.  From the floor of the stadium to every audience member who was given a white poncho it was a truly all inclusive and all encompassing performance.  The integration of imagery and acting and dance  was incredible.  The special effects that gave three-dimensionality to the 2D elements like the whales were beautiful.

Projected Whales with 3D elements like steam from their blowholes

The use of various fabrics and shapes as projection surfaces was pretty wild.  When was the last time you grew trees in the middle of an indoor stadium?  Not only were they trees but totem poles as well.

Fabric "trees" provide an amazing projection surface.

Of course how can we forget that they kicked the whole thing off with one man rapping the floor with his staff and rings of “electricity” emanated out along the floor.

Kicking off the celebration and the amazing effects!

It really amazes me that, given the state of the world today we are still capable of coming together as friends in competition.  Sure there are some countries that seem to still hold grudges against eachother, but they seem to put most of that aside to come and compete in the Olympics.  It is so great that we can come together as a global community, even if it only for sixteen days.  Good luck to all the athletes.

Citius, Altius, Fortius. – Swifter, Higher, Stronger.






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