COVID-19: “Quarantine” wk. 3, Furlough day 7

We have made it to the end of “Quarantine” week 3. It is pretty hard to believe that for the past two weeks, most of my world has consisted of our house, yard, and strolls around the neighborhood. One would think that it should feel relaxing, but it certainly isn’t that. Between the general anxiety of dealing with a global pandemic, the local stress of Ruth dealing with Plaid Peach and making masks, and just being a stay-at-home dad, it is a lot. Not to mention that we have had more grey days than nice in the past two weeks, so just getting outside is a thing.

I am certainly grateful for all the work that Ruth is doing these days. Having picked up the ESL teaching gig (even before we were stuck at home) gives us a little more feeling of financial security. We are still waiting to hear about unemployment, but we expect that to be slow due to the fact that everyone in the country is applying right now. I am sure we will come out OK on the other side, but it is certainly something that we worry about every now and then.

Today was not a bad day. We had a nice stroll around the neighborhood on EJ’s new tricycle. We took a picnic blanket down to the old baseball field and just ran around for a bit. Even picked up a local geocache. After nap time, Ruth and EJ made some of Grandma’s (Ruth’s grandma) bread dough. The result was two loaves of bread, a pan of rolls, and a couple pans of cinnamon rolls. Lots of yum!

We also fired up the smoker to do a simple short smoke of some little steaks for dinner. Haven’t done a simple steak and potatoes in a while, so that was good.






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