COVID-19: “Quarantine” wk. 4, Furlough day 10

Passover 2020

Tonight was the first night of Passover. Given the state of the world, with most countries on some form of “lockdown” I would imagine there were a lot of Zoom Seders.

We managed to get the whole Weisman clan together for a more modern and generally shorter Seder, which was nice. It isn’t easy to feel celebratory given the state of the world. It is almost like we are actually living through our own set of plagues.

I don’t really have much else to say today. So, for a little light hearted ness, here is a take on the “four children” that we read about in the Haggadah. I am not sure where this actually came from, but mom sent it to us:

In telling the Passover story, we are told to tailor our message and are asked to consider four types of listeners:

The wise child asks, “How can I help flatten the curve?” To him we say, listen to the scientists, stay at home, and wash your hands.

The wicked child asks, “Can’t grandma take one for the team? I’m too young to worry about Kung Flu. It’s a Chinese plot! Or a hoax! MAGA!” To him we say go lick a doorknob, dipshit.

The simple child asks, “Are we going to be OK?” And to him we say yes, son – we’re all in this together.

And to the child who does not even know how to ask, we say please sit down, Mr. President, and let us hear from Dr. Fauci.







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