COVID-19: “Quarantine” wk. 4, Furlough day 12

Let’s start with yesterday, April 9, it was Ruth’s birthday. Not quite the celebration that I think we would have liked, but it was something. Robyn and LJ put a big banner in the yard in the middle of the night, I baked a lemon cake (I know it is Passover, but I don’t really care), and Stephanie stopped by for a quick visit. I still have one last thing I need to do to make this birthday complete, maybe I can get that in tomorrow (deep clean the bathroom).

Despite the fact that it should have generally been a happy day, I felt pretty stressed and a little depressed. I just feel like I should have been doing more or that the day just wasn’t special enough. Quarantine life…

Today was pretty uneventful. Spent the morning working on some website stuff. The afternoon I spent hanging out with the girls, turning masks and playing with Ellie. We had a nice little music session at her request.

Ellie put on her bells and got out shakers and I pulled out the guitar. I think her new favorite song is “The MTA Song (Charlie on the MTA).” I think it was good for all of us to sing and make some music. It certainly felt good.

Closed out the day with a simple dinner and bedtime for Ellie. Ruth is teaching for Qkids tonight and I am just chilling with the little one.






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