COVID-19: “Quarantine” wk. 9, Furlough day 47

It has been a few more weeks of quarantine and furlough. Some days are better than others. For that matter some hours are better than others. Keeping all three of us in this house sane and happy is a tall order. Some days we do OK, others not so much.

I spent last weekend migrating the Plaid Peach website to a new hosting platform. The migration consumed about 3 days of my life. Unfortunately one of those days was Mother’s day, and that meant that I completely didn’t do anything for Ruth. I didn’t call my mother either. Suffice it to say, tempers ran high, and no one was really happy and that just sucks.

With all of that Ellie is really coming into toddlerdom. Much more feelings happening and frustrations with lack of choices. Life isn’t easy when you are two and in quarantine. We are trying really hard, and some days it is OK, and others, well, yeah.

I did manage to get out on a bike ride yesterday with Jero and Jared. It was nice to get out with other people and just go ride. Did a nice route around Lititz and the local farms. 25 miles makes it the longest ride of the season so far. It was a beautiful day for it, and other than losing a water bottle, I felt pretty good at the end too.

We also had a friend tune up the riding mower. Apparently that turned into a bigger project than any of us expected. It ended up getting a whole new engine. Works great now though. Finally tamed the jungle this morning. Sharp blades make a huge difference. The yard looks nice.

Unless things change with the state of work, we will probably head to visit family in NH for a few days later this month. It will be a good change of pace for all of us. Maybe when we get back from that, we will be able to go back to work? Who knows.






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