End of an Era

To say that I didn’t know that it was coming would not be true. Moka has been getting old and it was showing. I suppose I feel a little disconnected now that I live across the country, but it is still sad that she has now joined Mika in doggy heaven, or as Nana would put it: “the dog is on the roof!” As I write this, my parents are on their way up to our house in Franconia to bury Moka next to Mika so that “they can double team woodchucks again” as my mother said.

I remember when we got Moka, when dad came home after running into the breeder on the street. I remember how my parents took Leah to roll around with the puppies when they went to pick on out. Then she learned to climb over the fence in the back yard to escape. She was always rambunctious but she was always a great companion.

So ends the era of Mika and Moka. They will be remembered.






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