Expect the Obvious or something to that effect

What the heck is today? Monday…. Monday of the last week of work here at the theatre. That aint so bad, seeing as we have a grand total of 6 performances left. Today is nice, nothing to do really except wait for three o’clock to roll around and go hang out with Bex on her birthday. Yeah, I made this amazing chocolate cake for her last night, it was super,and chocolatey and yummy, and there is still half of it sitting in my fridge, maybe we should invite more people over to eat it. That was about all my day amounted to yesterday, baking that monster cake. We did go out to Polly’s for breakfast, since my grandparents had never been there before. Of course that was a kind of funny story. I woke up and looked at my watch which siad that it was 11:45, so I jumped out of bed and was rushing around to take care of the dogs and I woke becca up and told her we really slept in. In the mean time my grandparents are asking me what the heck I am doung up so early after coming home so late on saturday, and I kept saying that it wasn’t early. It wasn’t until I got in the car to drive up to Polly’s and looked at the clock in the car that I realized my watch was not only wrong, but the battery died. it was kind of funny.

Then of course there was Saturday. My professional debut as an actor. Yup, you heard me right, I was up on stage playing Diesel in West Side Story since i was the understudy and the person who was cast as Diesel was at a wedding. So I actually performed in 1/3 of the performances of West Side being that there were two shows on Saturday. That is why my grandparents come up. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun. I don’t think I have ever had to learn a show like that in only a week, but it was worth it. Sang a lot of songs, had a solo in “Gee, Officer Krupke” and did some dacing and even the rumble with Bernardo. It was a lot of fun. In the Matinee i got a little trampled in the rumble, but I managed to get the figt sequence right the second time around. It felt good to perform again, not that I would up and become an actor now, but I can still sing.

So, I am not even at school and I am procrastinating. I could be reading the scripts that I have to read, or the book for that Outdoor Adventure class I am taking, but I am not feeling motivated. I am not feeling motivated to do much of anything, though I know that I really should. Maybe I will. Maybe I will start with the script for SM class since it is ony 15 pages. I suppose if I have questions I could ask David, after all, he is the SM here.

I also need to get something for my little sister. I feel bad that I wast there at the all department meeting to meet her when everyone else was, but i suppose such is life. It won’t be to long before I get back there. I don’t know what to get here, that is the big question. Maybe something from the weathervane, it is easy and at hand, and on sale now that it is the end of the season. They have some nice things. Maybe I can find something nice yet inexpensive at the League of NH Craftsmen store. That would be nice too. I hope that Steve is being nice to his little sis, as she has become a friend through messages back and forth that past week or so.

The weather I think plays a big factor in how we feel. It has been so gloomy the past couple of days, and I have kinda been feeling that too. I know there is a lot going on these last few days, and that they are going to fly by faster than I want them to but that just means thatit is going to feel so hurried getting ready to go back to school. I guess such is the way of life.

Well the train of these thoughts I think has kind of left. I’ve got nothing else really. Well right now anyway.






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