Finish your line, it’s my cue!

I feel compelled to write this short little post before I head off to sleepy land tonight.  I went to another performance of The Rocky Horror Show at the U tonight armed with my audience participation script.  As expected, it was not a full house and it was mostly oder people.  There was only a small handful of people who got into any audience response at all despite how many bought prop bags before the show.  Well, needless to say, I still had fun heckling/interacting with the actors.

I threw out a few lines that they hadn’t got before, which was interesting.  They certainly had fun with them.  It seemed like otherwise it was going to be a pretty dead house although the audience did clap and whoop.  Well, I threw out a bunch of lines and got some pretty funny responses from the cast, but I believe it was my response to “What was his crime?” “Premature ejaculation!” line that pretty much brought the show to a stop.  The actor playing Dr. Scott just lost it laughing.  He couldn’t get his next line out so Riff said something to the effect of “Oh come on, your line is my cue!”  Well, they dropped a line that would have given me another funny response line, and then we missed getting to say “Goodbye all of this” because we were laughing too hard.

For their first show in four days without a pickup rehearsal they certainly did a good job.  The cast sounded great, and we had quite a bit of fun!  I think that some of the audience thought that I was part of the show, but whatever.  It was a hoot!






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