Foto Fri… Thursday!

On account of the fact that tomorrow is the kickoff day for the Bloggerstock blog-swap I thought that I would bump up my Foto Friday to Thursday.  It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but the concept is the same.

Today’s photo comes from the archives.  In fact, it is old enough that it was originally shot on film.  Crazy right?  Not really.  I still have my film camera, it mostly collects dust, but every now and then I think that it would be fun to take it out again.  When you shoot film there is always the mystery and waiting to see if the photos turned out the way you wanted (or turned out at all).  There is also the factor of having a limited number of images you can shoot at once (24 or 36 frames).  I think makes you think a little more when you compose your shots.

Sugar Hill Lupine
A white Lupine up on Sugar Hill, NH

This photo was taken in 2005 in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  Every year they have the Lupine Festival when the fields are covered in lupines.  Generally you see purple lupines, so it is fun to find the white ones in the middle of a field of purple.  It is really beautiful to see the lupines in bloom, it just makes Sugar Hill and Franconia that much more wonderful.

I do think there is something about film that gives a different feel to photos even when they are scanned.  As I went looking for a photo for this week, this one caught my eye.  I hope that you enjoy it as well.  As always, comments and critiques are welcome!






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