Glitter, Ropelight, Cycs…. Action!

For those of you who don’t know, glitter is like the herpes of the theatre and crafts world.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if you get glitter on you, that is it, you are stuck with it for life.  Then if you go near anyone else, or if you come in contact with anyone else, they will then be stuck with glitter for life.  Maybe that is a little extreme, I mean eventually the glitter goes away (or at least you will think it does)!

“Why do we care?” I hear you ask.  Well, for the same reason that I think you read my blog, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t be here.  “So what’s the big deal with glitter then?”  Well, yesterday we finally got around to finishing up putting ropelight on one of the pieces of scenery for 42nd Street.  Needless to say, this piece of scenery was covered in silver glitter.  Quite shiny like most of the rest of the scenery in the show.

Affixing ropelight to scenery is an art and a royal pain in the ass.  My crew and I are getting pretty darn good at it  as we use a lot of ropelight on scenic pieces.  Most of the ropelight in this show was handled by one of my crewtons, but as we have been working very long days this week, I gave them the morning off, so I ended up finishing this project with a different person.  Well, when you spend a couple hours under a sign covered in glitter and drill holes in it, well, you end up covered in glitter.  I came out looking like I belonged in the Twilight movies (and no I have not seen any of them!).  If someone had given me some fangs I could have passed for a vampire (but not a flaming, teenage, virgin vampire.)  While being covered in glitter may not be everyone’s idea of fun, it was amusing to watch the glitter plumes every time we fired the pneumatic stapler!

It was all worth it though.  The sign looks great with the ropelight on it and everyone was happy.  The glitter started some very funny conversations with other crew people.  I got some great looks from our scenic charge artist.  Even the server where I went for dinner thought it was amusing.  A little bit of gaff tape took care of a bunch of the glitter and I think that I actually got most of it in the shower this morning.  Shaving my face too care of a lot of it (I needed a shave anyway).  I am sure that I will be discovering glitter in places that I never thought it could be for at least the rest of the week.  I wish I had a picture to show, but there was so much going on yesterday that I really didn’t think about it.

Well, now we are back to the wind and grind of getting this show on it’s feet to open on Friday.  Hopefully I will get a couple more posts out this week, we shall see, it is very busy here.






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