Music on Mondays: I Love the World

I am sure that by now almost everyone has heard or seen the Discovery Channel’s commercials with the “I Love the World” or “Boom-de-ah-da” song.  If you haven’t, you might just want to check it out below (I even linked a version with lyrics so that you can sing along!):

From the first time that I heard this advertisement I think that I have had the song stuck in my head.  I suppose that is exactly what the Discovery Networks are going for!  I don’t think that I needed a catchy tune to get me to watch the Discovery Channel because they have a lot of fascinating programs and I find that every time I turn it on I get sucked into whatever is on.  There are a few programs that I avoid, but generally I find it intriguing.

So, I suppose this ad really illustrates the power of a well developed song.  When you think about it, this song is not even a very complicated or interesting song.  The verses are “short and sweet” and the chorus is so simple that anyone could sing it.  The melody is catchy and easy, and I would bet that like me, once you have heard it, you go through your day: “boom-de-ah-da boom-de-ah-da boom-de-ah-da boom-de-ah-da!”

The funniest thing about this catchy little tune is that it has spawned many people to create their own renditions based on the things that they do.  If I was really gung-ho about it and if I had a video camera I might consider making one around the theatre.  For now though, I have been content surfing YouTube to see what people have come up with.  There are certainly plenty to choose from.  Though not musical, this song has even made it into the web comic XKCD:

XKCD Loves the Discovery Channel

So, do you love the whole world?  Will you now be humming this song to yourself all day?  I hope so!  How do you “boom-de-ah-da”?!






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