Impulse and Opportunity

I don’t really think that it would be great for me to publicly talk about what I have been working on quite yet as all of the details are totally up in the air and I don’t want to send the wrong impressions to some people.  I do feel however like I need to say something, mostly on account of there is great potential for exciting opportunities for me.  It was really a chance happening that led to my flurry of impulsive work, but with a little luck I think that I may have set in motion a series of events that could be very good.

Isn’t it interesting though, how things kind of sneak up on you?  I was helping out a friend when I stumbled across the impetus for all this.  Totally unplanned and unpredicted.  I never really thought that I would be pursuing such a course of action at this point in time, though I have always known it was something I would do eventually.  It kinda made me a little stressed out just thinking about things and getting excited, but it could all be for naught so I don’t want to go nuts.

I have never been one for making long term plans.  I have always kind of lived by what comes my way.  Maybe it is the nature of what I do?  I have never liked feeling locked into anything way out in advance, because I always worry about what would happen if things change in the interim.

There is, however, something exciting that I can talk about.  I got the go-ahead from my boss to be able to take time off to go to the Theatre Department Alumni Reunion at my alma mater, Ithaca College.  Now I just have to plan out the logistics and I should be good to go.  The aspect of this trip that weighs heavy on my mind is finding a place to stay while there.  They blocked some hotel rooms, but they are kind of expensive.  I can fly out on miles, but I am not sure that I could afford to stay unless I can find better priced accommodations.  Thus, I don’t know if anyone from Ithaca reads my blog, but if you do and are going or live there and want to split a room or loan me a bed or your sofa, that would be cool!

So, pile all that on with opening the first show of the season this week at the theatre, it has been quite a long week and I am quite tired.  There is still a lot left to do, though I should be able to take most of tomorrow off after I go and shoot photos of the U of U Theatre Department’s production of Alcestis, which is part of the annual Greek Theatre Festival.  Since it is always done in traditional Greek style, it is outdoors at nine in the morning.  So tomorrow could be a long day.






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