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It has been a while since I have done a music post on Monday.  Last night I pulled out my guitar to play for a while as I was feeling inspired by the nice weather.  I like playing the guitar, and I am looking forward to the summer and being back at camp and doing a bunch of playing.  There is definitely something about the nice weather of the summer that makes me want to do more playing.

Last summer, my brother and I played together at camp.  Unfortunately he won’t be there this summer as he finally has got a “real” job.  Last year we tried to do a tour of 90’s music every week at campfire.  Though we did throw in a couple other folk songs like “Shenandoah.”  I also brought back some favorites of the kids and staff like “Freshmen” by the Verve Pipe.  Hey, does anyone else remember that song?  I have always been surprised by how many of the kids who were born well after that song was recorded know it and ask for it!

So this year I need new music to bring to camp.  I am always up for some classic rock and I have a couple songs that I had started working out last summer but never played.  I also thought that maybe I could bring some newer music to the summer.  I am pretty sure that I will find the opportunity to play “Fireflies” by Owl City.  I bet that the kids will know it and be able to sing along.  I like getting the kids involved.  I am also sure that I will be asked to learn a bunch of songs on short notice to play for services at FA.  I like doing that as I get a few newer songs in my repertoire.

This summer I also have the added bonus of heading off to camp with Ruth, who also likes to sing.  I know that she has some ideas for songs to do which means that I will have some new material there.  She keeps telling me that we should learn some Nora Jones.  I can do that, we just need to pick some songs to focus on.  I am looking forward to a music filled summer!

So, if anyone has some suggestions of songs to learn for the summer, please, let me know!






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