On the passage of time

West Side Story is open now, and the buzz around the theatre iis about how the end of the season is coming up so fast. Well, the last performance is on September 3, the “best of 2005” which will be fun to watch, but depressing. People are thinking of the world that they are returning to. For some it ist so much a return as it is a moving on to the next thing. I don’t really know how I am feeling about it. I mean I doo feel sad that the end is so near, and i feel stressed about going back to school a week and a half late, and having to make up work, and walk into classes that the rest of the class has already been to two or three times. I am kind of happy to be going back too, but stressed at the speed at which time seems to be going by. It all comes back to the point, “The days go by ever so slowly, but the weeks are over before you know it”.

In a way i feel like I am just going from one superficial world to another. The world of the Weathervane is similar to the world of summer camp, a small, tight knit community. Then I am off to Ithaca, off to college for the last time. I ate dinner with the trumpet player tonight, and he made a comment about how even if you continue to be a student it isn’t the same after college. When i sit and think about how the time passes, and how in a few short months from now I will be looking for a “real” job, something to do after I leave the superficial world of college, it seems that the “real” world is coming so fast.

What is real? What is time? How does time make things real? Real is seeing your AME fall through a trap in the upper deck of the set during chageover and having 3 million thoughts running through you head as you scramble down a ladder to make sure he is ok, only to find him laughing. People say that time is a constat, relatively anyway. But is it really? We say that everything is realative, and Heisenberg says that the act of observing changes that which is observed, and a whole lot more. Sometimes time seems to stand still or slow down, some moments last for what seems an eternity. Maybe since that is how we perceive then that is how they really are. if every person perceives a moment in a different way then mabe it is because we all experience the same passage of instances in our own way and time.

Well, i suppose I ought to wrap up my ramblings for tonight, as i am tired, and tomorrow is today, and rehearsal, and life and all that must go on.






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