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  • COVID-19: “Quarantine” wk. 3, Furlough day 4

    Spinning up the blog again, we will see how long this lasts. To bring the story up to speed, after a two year gap in writings, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. The novel Coronavirus which causes a respiratory disease known as COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire across the globe. The US […]

  • Happy 2018

    Here we are, New Years Day 2018! That is a whopping 4 years since my last update here… That is due to many factors, some seemingly contradictory. I mean, some of it is laziness, some of it is lack of time, some is the fact that a bunch of my websites got infected with malware […]

  • Way to go PTC (again)!

    So, my last post was in part praise of my current employer with regards to how they handled a situation regarding what some might describe as my outspoken online presence.  Well, I once again have to applaud the same people for the way they handled this week’s development at the theatre. Our current production is […]

  • To the Coward Who Can’t Face Me

    An open letter This morning it was brought to my attention that there is someone out there who disagrees with my opinions so much that they thought it was appropriate to get in touch with my employer to silence me.  Let’s be clear here, the opinions I express on my personal blog, on my Facebook […]

  • Frozen: Let it Go and get over yourself!

    After not being able to finish reading Ms. Skaggs’ blog over on “A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman” regarding the “gay agenda” that is apparently the underlying theme of Disney’s “Frozen,” i don’t think that this is an issue that can really be let go.  Needless to say, this woman read a little to far into the […]

  • Camera Raffles!

    So, in the effort to get a new camera, I have been entering many of the raffles for gear that I am interested in online. What I want is a Nikon D800. I love my D700, but as I do more and more business and expand my shooting, the fact that I have no backup […]

  • Making Art

    Over the past couple months I have been getting into the world of fashion photography. It has been quite fun and a great learning experience working with other photographer, professional models, makeup artists and more. Through the help of meetup.com i have gone to many group shoots and I am really enjoying this aspect of […]

  • Photo A-Go-Go

    This coming summer is going to be the first in a long time that I am mot going to be going to camp for the summer. It is kind of bittersweet to think about. I know that I will miss camp but I think that it will be nice to have a real summer off and be […]

  • Pathtags!

    So, what is a Pathtag? Well, it is a custom designed tag that is minted about the size of a quarter. They have become very popular in the world of Geocaching as people use them for signature trade items. Unlike geocoins and travel bugs, pathtags are not trackable items, they are collectible items, if you […]

  • Postcard Exchange: First Arrival

    Here it is, the first arrival from the 20SB Postcard Exchange. It’s a classic Sci-Fi card to boot, cool. I was starting to get worried that I was not going to receive any cards after I sent out all of mine.  This one came in from Catherine over at SaidtheCat. According to her card I […]

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