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So, what is a Pathtag? Well, it is a custom designed tag that is minted about the size of a quarter. They have become very popular in the world of Geocaching as people use them for signature trade items. Unlike geocoins and travel bugs, pathtags are not trackable items, they are collectible items, if you find one in a cache, you can keep it (though you should trade some swag for it as is geocaching courtesy). Tag owners also trade tags with eachother both in person and via the online trading system at

Whats the big deal? Why do we care? Well, I have just received my order of my first pathtag design. I had to go with my signature, the wolf, and frankly, I have to say, it turned out quite well.  The image to the right is the “blueprint” image of my tag.  This is the image that is displayed in the gallery and it was used to create the molds for minting my tag. I was so excited by the design that I actually came up with a couple others that could eventually make a series if the money permits.

Since my tag hit the gallery I received quite a number of trade requests.  I have to say, I am doing what I can to keep the USPS in business.  I was able to package up and mail almost 40 tags since receiving my order. I even have trades that are going overseas to places like Germany and Poland! I had to go buy more stamps to get this mess sent out.

Outbound pathtag trades!
Outbound pathtag trades!

I have managed to get all of my trade request filled, in one swoop of outgoing mail. Fun use of the new Global Forever stamp! Now I will have to take some time to browse the galleries and see if there are trades that I would like to make with people.  Heck, there are even people who have my tag on their wishlist already.

If you are a pathtagger and want to trade, let me know. If you are a geocacher in the Utah area, you may start to see my tags pop up in caches. After some summer travels you may even find my tags overseas (if all goes well). I may also be willing to send a few tags to some blogger friends, but you have to ask nicely! It will be fun for me to see all of the places that my tags end up being found and logged!

Happy hunting!


My finished pathtag next to a dime to show scale. Looks pretty cool!
My finished pathtag next to a dime to show scale. Looks pretty cool!






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