Strange occurances

Well, just finished dinner. Made steak with some rub that i got last year. So simple, rub, then under the broiler for 8 minutes on a side. It was good. I wish that I wasn’t the only person in this apartment that drank red wine. Such is life i guess. Now I am just sitting here. I finised my props project, at least i think i did. I put the acrylic finish on this afternoon and then i just have to print out a radio dial to stick onto the plexi and, poof, done, i have a radio.

I hate the bureaucracy of this school. I need to switch from one course to an equivalent corse which in the eyes of the theatre department is not a problem, but from the eyes of the registrar’s office it is like a pain in the neck. It stems from the fact that the theatre department is part of H&S instead of it’s own school. So i will probably have to run all over and get just about every person on campus to sign the forms for me to make this change, what a rediculous thing to ahve to do. Whatever, I guess i just have to do it.

Nice thing is that I don’t really have any major work for tomorrow. I think there is a reading i am supposed to do for my outdoor adventure class, but nothing to major. I finised the props project so that is not an issue. It is nice to be able to come home and chill out, and not worry about too many assignments and whatnot. I spent a long time at work today, setting up the new computer we got for the AudioBox, then when all was said and done, no one knew where the power supply for the AudioBox was so that i could test it, go figure. I was impressed though that the $200 computer didn’t really even complain when i made all the modifications to it that I did. I hate PCs, but it wasn’t a totally terrible experience. Working with Swartout was fun too, so it wasn’t so bad.

At the moment i haven’t reallygot anything else, but who knows, maybe i will later.






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