We finally got the darn thing right, the performance of Aida that we just had went nearly perfect, finally. It only took us four performances to get it, but everything seemed to fall into place tonight. Sound balance was good, energy was high, and we didn’t miss or flub any cues. On top of that, last night’s Beauty and the Beast was completely sold out, and that was probably one of the best perfomances of that show we have had. And then, to top that all off, tomorrow’s performance of All that Jazz is sold out too! This has been a good week at the theatre for the most part. Save for the Becca getting sich and needing to go on Cipro, I think everything is good.

I decided to order a filter kit for my camera. It should be here tomorrow (Friday). I am looking forward to giving it a try on sunday (or earlier). I think that I will benefit from the filter kit more than i would have if I spent the same money on a new CF card for my digital camera. I have got some great pictures from this summer, from the night at the Balsams, and from Barn Bat.

I also got good pictures from last weekend when i took Becca to Lost River. It had been such a long time since i had been there, it was a lot of fun. Bex enjoyed it a lot, climbing through all the caves. I guess I can’t fit through the Lemon Squeezer anymore, but it happens. It was a beautiful day to be down there, and I am glad we did it. Then we capped the day off with a swim at Echo Lake. That is like the best thing in the world, going down there to swim, it is so refreshing and cool and clear and wonderful. Just making a couple laps across the far ropes and then chilling out for the rest of the evening. If I was home in the afternoons I think I would do that every day.

That about sums it up for now, plus that time when sleep starts to take over is coming.






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