The China Adventure (or Pandemic Travels) #9

Quarantine Escape Day

I am out! I am out of quarantine as I write this! Huzzah! I survived Chinese COVID Quarantine!

It feels good to be out of that tiny room. I mean, sure, I am just in another hotel, but I am not stuck in my room, and even if I were, I have way more space now, it is nicer, quieter, has good towels and pillows. Chairs that are comfortable, and best of all, I can choose my own food. Not that I had anything in particular against the quarantine food, I ate quite a bit of it, but it’ll be nice to not feel so limited.

I think the hardest thing today was the waiting and anticipation. I packed up my stuff after breakfast. and then basically read for most of the day.

After lunch I was given bags to pack out all the trash and a bag for all the linens from the room. So, I did that, and then back to reading some more.

Dinner came, though I didn’t really eat it since I knew I would be meeting up with a colleague who is a few days ahead of me in the craziness that is this adventure. Finally, the CDC officials came around and ushered me out. Was given my official paperwork that says I completed the quarantine, and sent me on my way.

After a short car trip, I was checked into the JW Marriott, took a few minutes to freshen up, and then headed out with Todd to get some food. I have to say, after a week of meh, “cafeteria” Chinese food, I just got a burger, and I am not sad about that. There will be plenty of time to sample the local food in the days ahead.

So, here I am, now settling in to the next chapter of this adventure.






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