Theatre Thursday

Seeing as I work in theatre, it seems only logical to have a day to blog about what is going on in the theatre world. Since the theatre world is my world it follows that often times this may turn out to really be a kind of weekly wrap up of my life in the theatre. Hopefully I will find a way to make it not always just about me (but in the end it always is anyway, right?).

This week we have been focusing for our upcoming production of Twelve Angry Men. Working with Jeff, our current designer is always fun and easy. This is also a small show which is nice. Jeff is generally a quiet easy going guy and we just get things done. This is a good thing because I have had a little bit of turnover on my crew for this show as I have a bunch of people who are leaving for various reasons and new people coming in.

The way that I run my department here I tend to bring people in and just put them through a trial by fire. I can’t do this with people who have no training, but when I get people who know what they are doing, it is right to work with them! So, I have to give a hearty pat on the back to my newest crew member, K, who spent almost 5 hours in a focus chair on Tuesday night, her second day working for me. I think for that then maybe pizza and a beer are in order!

In general I think that I have to give my whole crew a hearty pat on the back for their work on this show. It was smaller, but we are really doing much better as a whole unit. This show was hung really fast. Five hours might actually be a record for us. Everything was done neatly and safely and looks pretty which is something that I have been striving for. Aside from a couple lamp burnouts and burn up lamp bases, we are in pretty darn good shape. It may even be time to take the whole crew out for pizza, I’ll have to think about it.

Beyond all that, everything is pretty much business as usual here. Publicity photos for Twelve Angry Men went well on Tuesday evening and are now available from my website. I finally got around to shipping off the wireless dimmers to be fixed and retrofitted after forgetting about it for a month. Apparently I am supposed to see if they screwed up on my taxes this year in terms of how much was withheld on account of other people seem to have had issues. I know, it is exciting.

Come back next week as I am going to see Avenue Q this weekend and will probably post some thoughts!






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