Why Ski?

For the Alta views of course!

Today was a bluebird day at Alta and I grabbed some nice photos.  I always ski with my little P&S camera in my pocket just in case, and today was a great day to have it.

First up, a three frame composite panorama.  I whipped this together really quickly, but in all I think it came out decent.  Still needs a little tweaking.  There is just such sheer beauty up at Alta, sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the amazing view!

Alta Panorama
Alta Panorama from #9 Express

The Second photo is from the top of Supreme looking down into Heber Valley.  Up here we are above the inversion which keeps the clouds down in the valley.  It is kinda pretty.  Makes you wish that you could go cloud surfing or something.

Heber Valley Clouds
Heber Valley Clouds






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