You want to fit that where?

We are working on what will probably turn out to be the second largest show of the season at the theatre and it has got everyone at the end of their rope.  The show is Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, the wonderful christmas musical by the good Jewish boy.  Smart guy, capitalizing on the prevailing American culture!  Probably wouldn’t sell as many tickets to a show called “White Chanukkah…”

That being said, the show is amazingly huge, and will look great, but we are working with two of the most stubborn designers.  I like them both, but when they get their minds set on what they want, there is no room to negotiate.  So, there really isn’t enough room for all the lights and scenery in the air.  In fact, we had to move an entire electric last night to hopefully make room for one piece of scenery.

So, going in to work can be an adventure.  People are stressed out and snarky including myself.  Many are just tired, the scene shop actually worked an extra day, coming in on a Saturday.  It is amazing how much blood, sweat and tears go into the shows that we build only to be destroyed four weeks from now.  Such is the life of theatre.

I had hope that this week I would be able to spend more time with Ruth before she has to work on The Nutcracker since her show closed this past weekend.  Doesn’t look like that is really going to happen.  It certainly was not a great week for her family, though her show closed on what I thought was a pretty good note.  Hay Fever was an excellent show, and for any locals who didn’t see it, you missed out.  I went to closing night with Ruth’s sister, and we just about died laughing at points.  It was very well done.

I have another “project” that I have been working on that I mentioned once before that I still don’t think it is the right time to blather all over the internet about.  in any case, it is starting to become a lot more real and with that sitting on my plate it is just one more thing that I am concerned about.  I think that the time to really talk about this will come sooner rather than later, I just want to make sure that the right people know at the appropriate time.

The other thing that I really need to do is learn the Haftorah for this week.  I am supposed to read it at temple this coming Shabbat.  I can already stumble through it, so it should be that hard to get it down.  Lots going on and seemingly not enough time.






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