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Bloggerstock: The Internet Ate My…

Welcome one and all to the first official Bloggerstock blog swap/blog ring/blog “round robin” or whatever you want to call it.  Today you will be reading a guest post by Bobby from Inside the Mind of Booya.  All of the posts today are by the Bloggerstock founders, so if you have the chance, please check out their blogs.  You can get a listing at the Bloggerstock webpage via the link above.  If you are looking for my post, you can...

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Foto Fri… Thursday!

On account of the fact that tomorrow is the kickoff day for the Bloggerstock blog-swap I thought that I would bump up my Foto Friday to Thursday.  It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but the concept is the same. Today’s photo comes from the archives.  In fact, it is old enough that it was originally shot on film.  Crazy right?  Not really.  I still have my film camera, it mostly collects dust, but every now and then I think...

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Me in Three

I was just tagged by Risha from Epitaph for a Heart in a cool little meme that has been going around where you have to describe yourself in groups of three things.  Seeing as I don’t think I have ever really blogged about me in a “this is who I am” kind of way, this might be interesting.  I also get to tag three more people and that could be tricky in picking people who have not been tagged yet.  So, here we go.  Oh, I should...

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Dog Sledding with Aerosmith

This post is inspired by the number one prompt this week from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: “Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.” My father works in broadcast television.  Something like 17 years ago, he and one of his friends founded a company called VideoLink.  VideoLink provides satellite and fiber-optic transmission services for live TV production (that is a gross over-simplification, but it is...

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What a Monday Night

I made my PTC stage debut today in quite an unfortunate situation.  We had a flying piece that snagged on one of our curtains as the curtain was moving and it broke one of the pick lines.  These pick lines are made of 1/8″ steel aircraft cable, so it take a pretty goodly amount of force to break them.  It seems that as our nice velvet drape was going out (up) it snagged the scenery, a lighted sign, and probably lifted it and then dropped...

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