Photography for Theatre

As a theatre photographer I often have people asking me how to best document their work in the theatre.  For people who are not well versed in photography, this can be a daunting challenge.  Even some professionals struggle to figure out how to best capture the nuances of a theatre production.  For longer than I have been interested in theatre I have been interested in photography, and it seemed like a natural thing to get into production photography for me.  So, drawing on my experiences and due to some prodding from others I will try to put down some basic information for people.  I am going to start form the very basics, from concepts in photography, to gear, to techniques for theatre.  I certainly would appreciate any comments from others along the way as well.

Also note that I have posted a couple photo examples in the articles and I hope to find the time to add more in future.  In the interim, if you are interested in seeing any of my work, be it theatre work or otherwise, you can find  my photos at IceWolf Phototography.  I am happy to answer any questions about my work, and I welcome comments and criticism.

Table of Contents

Photo Basics


Getting The Shot

Shooting for Theatre

Post Production

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