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Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Wednesday, May 31, 2006 Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain This morning was the first payday. My direct deposit has not kicked in yet so I had the option to take some or all of my salary to this point in cash and whatever you don’t take you either get in a check or they will hold and deposit. I took some cash so that I have some for the other ports we go to. This is not a bad system it seems to me. After...

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Funchal, Mediera Islands, Portugal

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Tuesday, May 30, 2006 Funchal, Mediera Islands, Portugal Today was finally the first day in port since leaving the Bahamas. I got up this morning thinking that I had time to go eat and get ready before the emergency drill. Unfortunately they didn’t really tell people that they moved the drill an hour earlier, so there I was in the shower with the alarm going off. Luckily, the fire drill was first and...

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Atlantic Crossing Day 7

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Monday, May 29, 2006 Atlantic Crossing Day 7 I Feel like today was almost the same as yesterday. The days bleed together so much that I suppose it really doesn’t matter. This morning was usual, breakfast and then a lecture. To day turned out to be a long day in the theatre as we had a problem with the scrollers and I spent all day between events trying to fix them, We had two rehearsals today, the first...

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Atlantic Crossing Day 6

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Sunday, May 28, 2006 Atlantic Crossing Day 6 Another day another hour forward. I am looking forward to getting to Portugal when we stop having time changes. For a little bit anyway. We do have a life raft drill on the day we get to Funchal. I suppose that isn’t so bad, but it means that we (the crew) can’t get off the ship right away. Such is life. After breakfast as usual I was off to the first lecture...

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Atlantic Crossing Day 5

Stage Manager’s Log Ms. Prinsendam Saturday, May 27, 2006 Atlantic Crossing Day 5 This morning I had the chance to sleep in a little, and then head up for breakfast just before the kitchen closed. I ate with Stephen from the cast, and Jen, the head of children’s programming. Her title is probably something like Youth activity coordinator. This morning’s lecture was about diamonds and how to pick them and what differences are apparent to...

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