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Bloggerstock: What is your theme song?

It is that time again.  Bloggerstock is here and this time we have expanded beyond the ten founders of the event.  Personally, I have been quite impressed with the turnout, and how easy it was to really keep things organized.  I shouldn’t dawdle on that subject though, that is not the purpose of this post! In an ironically convenient twist of fate, the bloggerstock post date falls on a Monday, which suits the theme that I sometimes have...

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Yep, there were a million things that I could have been doing yesterday and I didn’t really do any of them.  Well, that is probably not true, but I could certainly have been more productive.  I did meet the new neighbors, well one of them anyway.  I don’t remember her name (not that I would post it), but I believe that she is a student at one of the schools here in Salt Lake, and she is either married or is living with her...

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Foto Friday

Well, I have posted a lot of photos recently due to the photo workshop that I was on last week.  I can’t believe that it was already a week ago.  Time is kinda flying now.  I need to get things ready and packed to go to the east coast next week and I have things to ship as well.  However, all that considered, there is always time for another photo post! My photo for this week comes from the workshop.  I have actually got almost all of my...

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Summer Travel & Flying Pt. 2

Yesterday I rambled about the complete ridiculousness of airline ticketing and pricing.  Today I wanted to continue to talk about airline travel in regards to what you can and can’t do with your luggage and issues with security. I know that I mentioned it in my previous post that most airlines have started charging you to take checked baggage on your flight.  With the exorbitant price of tickets to start with, I would think that baggage...

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Summer Travel & Flying Pt. 1

This is part one of probably a two part series of posts about summer travel, specifically relating to airline travel. As we head into the summer and people are getting out of school many are starting to think about their summer travel plans.  Some people will travel for summer jobs, some just for fun, and some for visiting friends and family.  Most people who are traveling more than across a state or two will probably make their journey by air....

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