La Rochelle, France

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Wednesday, June 7, 2006
La Rochelle, France

Today I slept in really late. I think like around 11:00 was when I finally got up. It felt really good to get a lot of sleep. It is pretty easy to sleep in as there is no sunlight to wake you up. In sleeping so late I missed breakfast, but that wasn’t so bad. Before getting off the ship I had some food in the PO.

I met up with Will, the golf instructor, Stephen, Shelly, and one of the other women from the spa. We all took the shuttle into town. The port was about a 20 minute ride from the center of town. Before we got on the bus we picked up the booklets for the self guided of the town. The bus dropped us off a short walk from the small craft port.

The girls broke off at this point and went to get some lunch, as we had already eaten, we decided we would start walking around and catch up later. All along the water there are cafés. At the entrance to the harbor there are two towers and a battlemented wall. The towers were not open for tours, but we walked along the wall, and watched the people walking around for a while.

We walked around more of the town, seeing some famous shops and interesting buildings. We stopped at the big cathedral in town, which had a very beautiful interior. Unfortunately some of it was being restored/reconstructed so there was a lot of scaffolding around, but it was still pretty. Not that I didn’t expect it, but there were a lot of modern shops in the town, and I suppose that is normal. It made me think that I had a very romanticized view of the world.

After we finished the walking tour it was pretty lat in the afternoon. We went to one of the cafes to get crepes and cappuccino. I had a crepe with chocolate and bananas, it was very good. It felt very good to be off the feet for a while. After relaxing for a bit, I caught the second to last shuttle back to the ship at 1730. I could have stayed in town for the extra half hour, but I didn’t feel like it.

Back on board I got dinner and then settled in for movie night. We had no performer or show tonight, so no rehearsal. It was nice, all I had to do was turn off the lights and push play. I also had a chance to speak with David Deike, the Production Manager for the Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City. It sounds to me like they would like to offer me the job, which I think is a good thing. We are going to try to speak again the the next week or so.

After the second showing of the movie I went right down to my room. Tomorrow we are at sea and I have an early lecture. Sleep is so nice, and walking around all day made me tired.






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