At Sea

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
At Sea

Today was not such a bad sea day. In the morning instead of giving a lecture, Barbara had a slideshow and some Norwegian music for people to come and watch and listen to. The Music was the Peter Gynt suite, very beautiful. I didn’t watch all the slides, but the music was great for writing to. After the music appreciation with Barbara we moved right along to the “Life at Sea” chat with the entertainment staff. It was a chance for the passengers to ask questions of the entertainment staff about living and working on ships.

After the morning Bingo session we were back for rehearsal for “Broadway in Concert,” tonight’s show. Rehearsal went well. This is one of the easier shows, and it is also the shortest. After rehearsal I went up to get some lunch before coming back for the second to last lecture with Michael Mendelsohn. Finally after the lecture I had some free time and I actually went and took a small nap. It is kind of funny because in the “Life at Sea” chat someone, I think Peter, had said, when talking about our daily schedules, that even if you don’t usually take a nap at home, you will on a cruise ship.

Tonight was a formal night and it was the Black and Gold Ball so I put on my tux and headed up for dinner. Tonight’s dinner was not very interesting, nor was it too good. Such is life. Because of the ball we had reversed show times. This was I think the first time that Peter asked me to turn UP the volume of the show. Although after the second show he thought it was too loud, but I didn’t change anything. It is too bad that the people who come to me and say that they liked the show would go to tell him. Whatever…

Between the shows we had the Newlywed game. They were a little pressed for time, but it was funny. By the second show time the seas were starting to pick up. They didn’t have a bad time with the show, but as the night got later the ship started to move more and more. People were ok at the ball, it didn’t really start to get bad until later in the evening. The ball was nice. I made a short stop in the OB before bed, and I also took a minute to check my email, but tomorrow is another long day so sleep is a good thing.






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