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After class tomorrow we go on fall break. I can’t really believe it. I mean that is half a semester right there. So we come back and have what, 7 more weeks or something like that. It seems like it all goes by so fast. It is nice though that Yom Kippur falls on Fall break for once in four years so that I can be home with my family for the holidays. My brother is coming home from china over break too, so i will get to see him.

What else is going on in my life? Well, Bex came to visit this past weekend. That was nice. We went to all the shows we could in one day, the matinee of Burn This and then the O.A.R. concert that night. It was lots of fun, the show was great, the concert was amazing. Ahh, the $15 concert ticket is such a nice thing. The perks of being a college student abound.

I should remember to take home some of the crap that I don’t need to have in my room when I go tomorrow, especially the empty bins that are sitting out in the living room. I’ll poke around and try to rustle out the things i don’t need. I imagine that if I need things to come back, my family can bring them when they come out for graduation. I also should remember to grab anything else from home that i could sell on ebay. I made $90 selling old texbooks on Amazon. Making money is good.

I am so ready for break. I am tired.






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