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I Heart Your Blog AwardYou know, for as much as blog awards are kind of the chain letters of the blogshpere, I don’t think it matters who you are, you probably still enjoy getting them.  I suppose it is partially the feeling that someone out there actually does read your blog and also that someone thinks enough of your blog to pass along the award.  So, this award comes from my friend, the lovely Wilmary of NYC Island Girl.  It is the “I ♥ Your Blog” award.  It doesn’t really need much in the form of introduction as you can tell by the name what it is pretty much all about!  It was certainly a nice thing to get to end this weekend (not that it was a bad weekend, just hectic).  I of course, have a few people in mind to pass this award along to, which I will do later on in the post.

Due to now having a second blog award I decided to make a couple little tweaks to my layout.  Odds are that most of my visitors will never notice since you probably just read my blog in your reader.  However, if you do visit my actual site you will notice that I added a little widget at the bottom of both sidebars.  One has awards and the other has sites that I am a proud member of.  I have shrunk the badges and linked them to the sites and the awards link back to the post of the person who gave them to me.  Maybe it is a little ego-centric, but I figured that it would be nice to display those things where people might actually notice them.

In other news, I spent the day yesterday running around in the rain in Vermont watching my mother run on the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.  Despite the rain it was kinda fun. I also got to play more with the puppies, who are a lot of fun, but they are little terrors sometimes.  After the race we headed over to Hanover, NH to have lunch with my siblings before heading down to Boston.  I got to see my brother’s new apartment in Boston when I dropped him off, and then I settled in at home to do some blogging and email and general catch up.

Without further ado, I suppose I shall now pass along this award.  I don’t know how many people it is supposed to go to, but here are a couple of the blogs that I think deserve some love:

I am sure that there are more people I could give this award to.  Possibly almost everyone that read is a potential candidate.  I ♥ you all!

I am still so far from being caught up on all the blogs that I follow.  My reader has piled up a pretty sizable number of unread.  I am sure that I will get around to reading them this week, but it seems like one of those things that once you get out of the rhythm, it is hard to get back on.  So, for those of you who a I read, I will get to you eventually, I have not forgot about you.






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