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It is that crazy time of the month again, when bloggers unite for a little blogging fun known as bloggerstock!  This month I am happy to be hosting a good blogger friend and fellow founder of Bloggerstock, Shinxy.  She never fails to speak her mind and she is always interesting to read.  Hopefully you all enjoy her writing as much as I do!

As usual, Shinxy’s post is very blunt and some may see it as controversial.  If you actually read her blog it will make more sense.  I only post this warning because there are some of you out there who may be offended, but hey, we can’t please everyone all the time!  Shinxy’s postcard is written to Adolph Hitler and she wanted the picture on the back to be the following:

So, without any further ado, I shall turn the floor over to Shinxy for the July Bloggerstock event: “Potential Postcards.”

Dear Adolf,

There is much debate as to whether the T4 program was euthanasia or murder; and whether it was the stepping stone to the Holocaust (Okay there isn’t. Every history book says it was murder, and it was a stepping stone to the Holocault. It’s just that I disagree). Any research I have done on the subject has ended in ‘and six million Jews died in concentration camps’. I am one of the few who separates these events.

My boyfriends and I would have been terminated under your T4 program, but I do not connect the Holocaust and T4. Most people say you would have killed us because you thought us inferior or inhuman, as you saw the Jews. I prefer to think they were indeed mercy killings. In your last few hours, you had to make the decision to kill your beloved German Shepard, Blondi, before the Russians got to her and tortured her. You knew if you let her live, the rest of her life would be suffering. I like to think you thought of us like that. I haven’t spoken to one severely disabled person about the issue of suicide without them sharing a story of an attempt. There are many of us who can only look forward to a future of increased disability. If one commits suicide, one is seen as a coward. If one is euthanised, as you would have done to us, those who care about us can only feel the comfort that we are no longer suffering, not the anger. I would love this option. Part of me wishes I was terminated under the T4 program. I am sure that there are many deceased from that who would thank you if they could; certainly the ones who had descended into madness to the point where they no longer know what’s going on around them, as I will be one day.

For those of the 200,000 killed whose very being was torturous and unbearable, I thank you for giving them mercy.



Hopefully you are enjoying this month’s Bloggerstock event!  If you want to read my own post, you can find it over on Amanda’s blog: Amanda Abella.  If you are want to learn more about Bloggerstock or want to sign up for future events, please check out our website!






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