I think I missed a couple days of writing.  I actually missed a couple days of a lot of things.  Well, maybe I am just missing days…  It’s possible, anything’s possible.  I feel like I am missing some days which is odd because I have been kinda on vacation but I have had a lot going on.  I know that I have dropped the ball right out of the start on my photo project, but maybe that can be saved.  As far as the silence from me in the blogsphere, odds are, no one noticed, but here I am again.

Spending all the time that I did bouncing back and forth up to Park City while my Uncle was in town probably had a lot to do with my getting out of routine.  I enjoy spending time with him and Natalie and her friends, but it is often a production and eats up a lot of time.  Nothing wrong with that when you get to eat at fancy, exclusive restaurants and stay at his house though.

The problem is getting back into the routine though.  It also doesn’t help that it seems like I have some kind of cold.  I don’t feel sick or tired, but I have a cough and my throat is kinda sore.  Whatever, I don’t really have the time to worry about it.  This week is our prep week for Our Town and it will fly by.  We have to really be on the ball on this show because it is the short turn around show.  That means we only have one week to load-in, hang, and focus the show as opposed to the normal two.  It will be great for the overtime, but it will be a killer in terms of workload.  It will be fun though because I like working with Karl who is the lighting designer for this one.

So much crazy stuff going on in the past couple days, maybe if I gloss over it all now I will remember to think on it and write about it all later.  We had the Utah state senate reject a bill to change the way sex-ed is taught in high schools.  Then there were the people who are lobbying to have the shape of hot-dogs changed because they are too easy to choke on.  On top of it all we still have the Olympics going on.  The first two of those items I think warrant some further thought.

Then there is of course there is one of the biggest distractions that I imposed upon myself which was going through the script for The Rocky Horror Show and comparing it with the audience response script for the Rocky Horror Picture Show and coming up with some kind of medium that works well with the stage play.  After they had a rough night this week with some totally smashed audience members I chatted with director about trying to figure out what would be appropriate.  I will probably be an audience plant on a few of the shows to do some audience partici……….

………pation!  If you are interested in the notes that I made on the script, you can grab it here: The Rocky Horror Show wAP.  The big thing was trying to find a balance so that people could still go and enjoy watching the actors perform as well as joining in with the audience participation.

So, I just need to get over this icky illness I seem to have and wind and grind through this next show.  Hopefully in there I will find the time to stay on top of everything.






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