COVID-19: “Quarantine” wk. 6, Furlough day 23

Well, this was not the way that I think any of us wanted to start off this week. The stress of the current global situation is enough by itself, but life always find a way to get you when you are down. Some days you run out of spoons way to early in the day.

Today we had to say goodby to one of our feline companions, Firemage. She was 15 years old, so she lived a nice long life.

She touched many lives in Ruth’s family as she had been a gift from Ruth’s uncle, Scott, to her grandfather, Charlie. For the first few years of her life she enjoyed being a farm cat out in West Valley, UT. All of the cousins enjoyed time with her. After Charlie passed away we took in the cats, Cloudpaw and Firemage. They lived with us for four years in Salt Lake City, then moved here to PA with us.

Fairly quickly after we took them in, Firemage adopted me as her human. She made the first trip across the country with me and kept me company while we were here in PA on our own. There have been very few days in the past few years that I have not either gone to sleep or woken up with Firmage curled up either next to me or on top of me. She always enjoyed when Ruth went to camp because she got me all to herself (and a lot more space on the bed.

All things considered, the past couple months have probably been borrowed time with her, we did the best we could to keep her health and happy. This morning she was pretty clear with us that life was becoming too much of a fight. Now she can spend some time with Charlie again. The house will be a little quieter, and my toes might be a little colder at night. We still have Cloudpaw, and Teddy Rose to keep us company.






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