Doing Nothing

Why is doing nothing so hard to do?  I probably shouldn’t admit that I really didn’t do anything today, but it is true.  I mean, I didn’t really get to take full advantage of my day off yesterday due to getting up early to go help with the ice show, so I figured that I could take today as my lazy day.  Sure, we have a show tonight, but I had the rest of the day to do nothing.  So, I did.

Here is the thing though, I slept in, didn’t even really stay up late last night anyway, and then I didn’t really do anything aside from go to the supermarket.  Yet here I am getting set up for tonight’s performance of the show and I am tired.  What is up with that?  Why is it that when you do nothing for a day that you still end up tired?  Shouldn’t I have tons of energy since I didn’t use any?

The worst thing is the fact that I probably should have actually done something.  I mean sure, I did sort all the photos from the invited audience night of the show, but really.  I could have found something to do, something outside.  I did most of the dishes in the sink, but that doesn’t really count for much, there is still a lot of cleaning that needs done before we leave for the summer.  Gonna be fun.  Just hard to motivate to do stuff like that.

Maybe I just need to find something to do.  Hopefully tomorrow Costco will call and tell me they have my new tires so that I have something to do.  It also sounds like I will have a meeting to go to later this week.  Anything to do is better than nothing.  If nothing else, i should shave, that is something I have been neglecting for a few days.

Well, I am sure that this post probably has bored everyone to tears, so I think I will leave it at that.






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