“Dollhouse” Finale

Warning this post may contain spoilers!

I have been watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse on Fox and personally I have found it to be an interesting and exciting series.  Unfortunately, I feel like it came to an abrupt end much like Whedon’s last series Firefly, at least it was not cut off mid-season.  Thanks to my DVR I got to watch the series finale only a little bit after it was aired.

My first real issue with the series finale was that it was really the second half of a two parter but the first half was never aired in the United States.  The worst thing about this was that there was really no way to know that there was a missing episode.  I had no reason to look it up before watching the Finale and feeling like something was missing.  Thanks to the episode guide on Wikipedia I was able to discover enough info about the missing episode to find it and download it.  I don’t claim to know how the TV networks make decisions, but not airing half of an episode seems like a silly thing to do.  I actually discovered that there are two missing episodes, but the other one, the original pilot, didn’t seem worth going after.

I think that my biggest gripe with the end of the series is that it seemed rushed and forced.  This may be due to the fact that the series may not have been ending on Whedon’s terms since Fox decided to cancel it after the second season.  It seemed like a very odd jump to end up years in the future, very incongruous with the way that we were left in the second to last episode.  I feel like it almost created as many new questions as it answered, the most obvious of these would probably have been answered by the missing episode.

In general I enjoyed the series and I would definitely recommend it.  I hear that the missing episodes exist on the DVD/BluRay releases so that may be a better way to watch.  I always felt like I wanted to see the next episode, and I am kinda bummed out that it is over so soon.






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