I suppose it has only been a couple days since my last post, but I finally feel like I have time again in my life to sit down and write a new post.  We opened the show on Friday night and so far it sounds like all is well with that.  At the same time though, my brother came in for a few days to do some skiing, so as soon as I was free from the theatre I was off to spend time with Dan.  It was a lot of fun, we got in a lot of skiing, and I am still pretty wiped out from that.  It is a lot of fun to ski hard, but you feel it later!

I of course still had a full schedule over the weekend.  On Saturday I did photos for Youth Theatre at the U’s production of James and the Giant Peach.  It was a cute and fun little show and I am sure that I will do some business with the photos.  If you are interested in taking a look at the images you can find them at this site.

YTU was not the only photo engagement that I had on Saturday.  I also went to a performance of Ruth’s which was to raise money to fund her class’ trip to France over their spring break.  The “French Connection,” as they are called, is a group of students who are going to spend a week in France studying, performing, and working with similarly inclined theatre students at a school in France.  It sounds like it should be a fun trip.  Through various fund-raising efforts including two such performances as this one, they have raised all the money that they need to go on the trip.  So, since I would have been at the performance anyway, I took some photos from them, it was a lot of fun.

I did have one other photo adventure this weekend, though this one was not very significant (at least in my mind).  I was walking up Main Street in Park City with my brother and we stopped, as usual, in the Thomas Mengelsen galley.  I love looking at hi work, and he is going to be in town later this month!  As we left the gallery, we ran into a family on the street trying to figure out how to get a good photo of themselves.  They asked if I would shoot the picture for them and of course, I was happy to.  Had to take a couple to get the tiny little flash on the P&S camera to actually light them up.  They were very grateful, at which point my brother decided to point out that they had happened to ask a professional photographer to take their picture.  At which point they wanted to know more about me and my work and I unfortunately didn’t have a card on me (which reminds me I should have more printed).  So, kind of fun experience.

So, I do have to make a couple appearances at the theatre this week, even though I don’t have to run the show.  We have lots of prep work to do for our final production of the season, 42nd Street.  We have a lot of things that need to light up, and if all goes well, I will get someone else to spend their money on it so that I can save my budget for other things!  I am usually pretty good at that.  So, all things considered, I should probably get off my couch, eat something and go to work.  I like relaxing and writing, but I can get paid to relax and write if I sit in my office, it is just not as comfortable as being at home!

I have also heard that the shop is having a party today and the team drawing for March Madness will happen this afternoon.  We do two different pools, one is a standard fill in your own bracket and the other is a random drawing.  I don’t follow college basketball at all really so doing a bracket is kinda moot for me.  The random lottery is fine, cheap to buy in to, but can make you a few bucks.  Plus the party at the beginning and at the end is fun.

So, that is about where things are.  I have lots of blogs to catch up on reading and maybe I can get ahead on a post or two with some of the ideas that I have thought of (and probably forgotten) over the past week.






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