Oh what a week this will be

It is barely into Tuesday morning (for me anyway) and yet I already know that this could possibly be the longest week of the season (at the theatre) for me.  Why?  Well, in an effort to save money this season, the theatre has decided to go back to our old schedule and take a week out of the season.  The week is just a work-week, but it means that ultimately they cut everyone’s pay by a week.  Quite exciting, I know.  However, what that means is that instead of having two weeks between shows, we have one.

What does that mean for me?  Well, it means that we have to strike the last show, hang and focus the next show and start tech all in one week!  It also means that this week will be overtime-city for me and a number of people on my crew.  When you work a seven hour call in the evening after working at least a half day during the day, the hours stack up pretty fast.  I think we left the theatre a little after midnight last night and I didn’t get home till around 1AM because I gave a couple rides home.

So, this will be the name of the game this week, and that is what the job is all about.  While it is long hours, this is what we do this for.  This is the fun part!  Figuring out how to make everything fit and work and realizing the designer’s vision is pretty darn cool.  The crew is doing very well and we were very efficient last night.  We just have to get back to the mentality of working larger shows as the last couple have been on the small side.

Sure, you have to ask: How big can Our Town possibly be?  Well, when you have a show that has virtually no set, you need to create the scene with lighting.  So we have a lot of lights, a lot of color, and real lot of templates.  My little show template box was almost busting at the seams after I pulled all the ones we needed for the show.  If I hadn’t had them in stock you can bet that it would be over a thousand dollars in templates!  It will be a really pretty show, for sure.

So, if it seems like I drop off the face of the earth this week (or at least the blogsphere) it is because I have not had a minute to think about anything else.  I probably should be getting ready to go to work right now, but i have to go to the supermarket to get something for breakfast as we have nothing in the apartment.  I am kinda procrastinating on that which is why I am writing now.  There are a host of other reasons that I have not gone to the market yet, but I am sure that anyone reading this doesn’t want to know about them.

I suppose I should also close with a shameless plug.  For any readers in the SLC area, you should come and see our next show, Our Town.  It should be good.  If you do come, give a holler, and certainly let me know what you think!






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